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Essene Prayer
Said by the Virgin Mary

Within the Most High, my soul blossoms,
Leaps for joy at the sight of the ascendant path.

What is on high came to meet what is below,
And the Most High has impregnated my soul through his radiant look.

Out of all the generations, mine is blissful,
For the Almighty did great things for me;
He impregnated my soul.

Holy is his name, through the centuries runs his blessing
For those who, because of love, remain faithful to Him.

Sublime and untouched is the Most High,
Almighty is the power of his arm;
He scatters the proud, destroys those who only think of themselves,
Turns down the throne of those who only believe in their own power,
And lifts the humble, the simple, the pure and loving hearts up to his Kingdom.
He showers with his gifts those who remain silent before him.

The Most High never gives up his children who serve him with wisdom and love. Amen. (Gospel according to St. Luke 1.46,55).
Prayer, © Copyright by Annie Lauro.

It’s an ancient word, a prayer said by the Virgin Mary. It was not only said by her, but also by all the women who were pregnant in the Essene community. Actually, one must become aware that the Essene, Nazarene community gave a communal Teaching, a Teaching for the entire humanity, and that the Virgin Mary was not regarded as a superior woman. She had important responsibilities, but she was not regarded as a woman other than an other woman. All the women who were expecting were respected and practiced the same Teachings than the Virgin Mary.

“Nazarene” means “consecrated to God”, and also “the one who knows the hidden things”. This universal brotherhood, which is not characteristic of the Jewish people, knew the secrets of the impregnation of the soul, and regarded the fact that a woman was pregnant as something deeply mystical. They didn’t fix their attention on the fact a woman was expecting; for them, the woman represented a much higher secret than the woman as human being. For them, the woman represented the soul, the hidden soul, the pure soul, the virgin soul, and also the Earth—the Earth which is like a soul, reflection of the universal soul, in which all the souls (for example, the souls of the flowers, of the trees, of the animals, all the souls, even the souls of the angels) can appear as a unity of one same substance, which is the universal soul. This substance is like impregnated by rays of the Very-High, like rays of the sun. This soul was called “Ma” in the ancient mysteries, and gave the name “Maya” -- that is, the great illusion; it gave also the name “Mary”: “Ry”, “Ra”, or “Re” is the Ray of the universal Mother.

So, in this Essene brotherhood-sisterhood, the woman, and notably the pregnant woman, was regarded, not only as a pregnant woman, but as the symbol, the writing, and the hieroglyph of the mysteries of the entire cosmos, and even of the mysteries of Universe and evolution. All the secrets, the secrets of Isis and of the woman were contained in the pregnant woman.

St. John, who was Lazarus the Essene, reveals these secrets in the Book of Revelation when a being comes and tells him: "I will show you the mysteries of the woman." Then he talks about the great prostitute and about the spouse for the wedding of the lamb. The great prostitute is the soul that has given birth to the personality, the ego, separated from the Very-High and doing as it pleases.

So you see, this was an entire universe, not only made of words, but much more of realities: one didn’t need to talk about it, one just had to see a pregnant woman, and straightaway one had all these mysteries of the cosmos in front of oneself. In the same way, one now just needs to see the letters of the alphabet to know the word; one doesn’t need to talk about it, this is something which lives within the soul.

This Essene prayer is all the more important for our time since things happen in the atmosphere of the Earth. And one should know them, as the saying says: “Forewarned is forearmed.” Things happen, things that are in connection with this prayer, with the mysteries of the woman -- which concern men also of course.

“Within the Most-High, my soul blossoms, leaps for joy at the sight of the ascendant path. What is on high came to meet what is below, and the Most-High has impregnated my soul by his look full of light.”
You see, this is so beautiful…

“Out of all the generations, mine is blissful, for the Almighty did great things for me; He impregnated my soul by his ray.”
The question is: “Who can say this at our time?”
Of course, a woman in order to become pregnant is impregnated by a ray. But here, the prayer talks about the soul which is in the deepest; all things considered, about our soul, which, turned toward the Most-High, leaps for joy and sees the ascendant path. This is not an illusion, the path of awakening, ennoblement, and transformation is not an illusion. I see it or I don’t see it, but there is no illusion, there is no belief; it is the experience of a soul that tells what it lives.

“Holy is his name; throughout the centuries runs his blessing for those who, because of love, remain faithful to Him.”
Here, the Essene community says: “Throughout the centuries, we incessantly become incarnate, not by a dead filiation, but because we are faithful to the Very-High and because we dedicate our lives to Him. We dedicate our lives not in order to find something, but because we cannot do it in another way, because we see the reality: the Very-High, Love, Wisdom, and Intelligence fill the cosmos. He is the Source of existence, I am within Him, by my life. I am not the Master of my life, I am not the one who has created my life.”

Now I am going to deepen the meaning of this prayer, beyond the mysteries of the soul I have talked a little...

Excerpted from the lessons by Olivier Manitara.

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