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Click to view larger picture The Essenes -- From Jesus to our Time
by Olivier Manitara

This unique book will truly shed some new light on the mystery surrounding the Essene origins of Jesus. An extremely important book for all those who want to learn more about the birth of Christianity, the Essenes, their way of life.
In fact, almost all of the principal founders of what would later be called "Christianity" were Essenes: not only Jesus, but also St. Ann, Joseph and Mary, John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, and others.

ISBN 1-894341-00-7
Paperback, 5.37" x 8.37", 80 pages.
Retail price: $8.95 US

"It's the best book on the Essenes I've ever read. I've just finished devouring it. Others only scratched the surface, and I always knew there was more. I have been searching for these teachings for years. Thanks so much!" A reader from California, USA.

"Wow. I really don't understand how anyone can miss the love and energy behind the words of this short, but beautiful little book. Reading it was like coming home. The author revealed himself to me with such clarity, simplicity and authenticity that I think it would be impossible for anyone with the same lineage to doubt his or her heritage or membership in the invisible School. It filled my being with Ancient Remembrance and Divine Peace. All is well. Thank you, Oliver Manitara, my eternal Brother. I, too, have a Vision for Humanity." A reader from New Mexico, USA.

" I do enjoy Olivier's work.  He speaks a special way.  He speaks the gentle language.  He reminds us of things we have forgotten.  He speaks of things we have not heard.  He speaks to our Heart." A reader from Australia.

"I have just finished reading your most wonderful book on the Essenes.  I have felt a connection to the Essenes all my life and reading this book confirmed my own belief system.  I am interested in ordering three more copies of The Essenes." A reader from Arizona , USA .

" My deepest gratitude to Olivier Manitara for his dedication to the Brotherhood-Sisterhood.  To have been led to Olivier's work at this point in my journey has been such a blessing!  Reading his books has been like receiving a letter from "home"." A reader from Oregon , USA .

" I know in my heart that I have been directed by the Light to your web site.  It could only be this way because until now I was not familiar with your books, work, or web site.  A few days ago while researching some materials online, I simply "landed" unexpectedly in your web site without me even knowing how did it actually happen.  But it did.  I found “The Essenes” extremely interesting, very inspiring, absolutely right for the present times that humanity is living, and in harmony with a Higher Purpose." A reader from Florida , USA .

" I recently purchased, read, and ADORED “The Essenes” book and have now ordered “Peace: New Method, New Light”.  Wonderful stuff!!!" A reader from Maryland , USA .

Table of contents:
1 - The Secret of the Essene Brotherhood
2 - The Organization of Essene Life
3 - Contact With the Universal Brotherhood
4 - St. John and the Light of the Authentic Christ
5 - The Beautiful Days of Life
6 - Only God Is Good
7 - The Essene Principles and Rules of Life
8 - The Contemporary Essene School

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Olivier during a lecture, Summer 2004
About the author

Born in 1964, Olivier Manitara defines himself as a simple man who has been incarnated on Earth to revive the wisdom and the way of life of the Essenes, adapted for our era.

Olivier is the author of more than 30 spiritual and esoteric works in French.  For more than 10 years he has presented about one hundred seminars, giving spiritual awakening techniques and approaches within the Essene tradition.

He regularly collaborates with several magazines and newspapers and is an active Messenger of Peace recognized by UNESCO.

His works are illustrated by a rich human experience, countless meetings on the terrain, in very varied cultures. He gives more than 70 conferences in France and abroad each year. He is recognized throughout the world as an Essene specialist.

For more information about Olivier and his work, visit our French web site www.amiassociation.org

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