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Lessons within the contemporary Essene School

Two years of lessons (24 booklets) are now available in English.
These lessons are aimed at all those who want to work on themselves according to precise and effective methods of the Essene ancestral tradition of light.
They present a teaching that is profoundly initiatic and liberating. Its goal is the physical and spiritual blossoming--healthy, harmonious, free and dignified--of humanity and of the earth.
These are not just empty words, because this teaching is real, extremely practical, and complete--including a great number of tools, explanations and keys, to enable you to work on yourself, and to take your life and your destiny into your own hands.
Nothing is taught that has not been experienced, brought to life, and truly lived beforehand. Since this teaching is progressive, each person can take from it what they feel they need at that time.
These confidential booklets contain exercises, secret techniques, essences of meditations, and teachings--to help you face the difficulties of life and of the spiritual path.
They are sent out each month (12 booklets per year).
The lessons were written by Olivier Manitara.

"I have been involved in esoteric work for the last decade, and this has given me some ability to gauge things.  I have been impressed and moved by the power and simple truth of what I find in the monthly teachings, and they are becoming a part of me.  I look forward to the next ones with joy and excitement.  I wish that more people may find them; perhaps then we would see less of the madness that is rapidly descending upon so many.  All the best to you." A subscriber from California , USA .

" Your teachings help explain a lot of what I went through in my own spiritual growth." A subscriber from Alaska , USA.

" We are writing too to enquire about the monthly lessons, as we wish to subscribe.  We are deeply touched by Olivier's books, and yes do feel like we have come 'home', so are keen to start these." A couple of subscribers from Devon , United Kingdom .

" Having been receiving the lessons for several months and how appropriately it is tying into my life is such a blessing; I feel honored and very fortunate to have stumbled onto this "realm" of life.  The teachings have been deep and fulfilling in ways I never dreamed could be possible.  The old saying that "Truth is stranger than fiction" is the way I describe it to myself.  Anyway, I pray that I have the courage and the strength to carry on with them in a world that doesn't even know that these realms exist." A subscriber from Georgia , USA.

" The Essene teachings for our time!" A subscriber from Ontario , Canada .

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the booklets and wish to continue on. The last booklet I received was about money and believe me when I say that this works." A subscriber from Arizona, USA.

* Just print out this form and mail it along with your check or money order in US$. The first booklet will be sent within 24 hours following the reception of your subscription.
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6 months: $72.00
12 months: $144.00
24 months: $288.00

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Should you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at info@essenespirit.com
or write us by mail at Telesma, 2303 Branded Drive, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, USA

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